Monday, March 03, 2008

A Few More Things

At last I have all 24 Ohio Star blocks.............. Now on to the next step in part 6.

Someone did ask what was wrong with the other block. They were noreply so I will answer here.

The hourglass blocks were turned wrong on two sides........... They are all done now.

These are terrible pictures of another bracelet. It does look better in real life.

We are having sunshine this afternoon and I really need the boost. I tend to droop in dreary weather. I am looking forward to moving south where there is more sun.

Class with Barry. I have my bag packed and I am ready. Not sure what I will be working on. I got out a piece in the scroll frame but I was not able to stitch. The wrist really needs to bend to do that.

I kept tripping over a necklace kit downstairs so I brought it up for evening work. I got a good start last night but it will go on hold for a couple of nights. Tonight I am out and Thursday is Guild.

Steve, the tenant upstairs has been moving all week. He said that he planned to be gone this weekend. Then I will have to get that area cleaned and painted....... I really don't know how much time this will take and I don't want it to take up much of my stitching time.


  1. Very pretty jewelry! Love the pink and green jade color together. I can't wait to see your finished CC quilt.

  2. Lovely blocks and beautiful beadwork Suze :-)

  3. could you please send me your address again? I seem to have deleted accidently while I was cleaning out my inbox. thanks! :)


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