Monday, December 17, 2007

Reporting In

Dear Rebekah and Robert were with us last week........ We had a marvelous time enjoying each other's company.......Rebekah did all of my mother's Christmas cards for me and Robert cleaned and oiled my sewing machine. Now the Duchess hums along much quieter. I had to work three days but we managed to find some time for a trip to the mall and one day to see a battleship.

One day while they were out and I was at work, my dear husband bought a bunch of flowers for me. I like fresh flowers in the house. Not possible much these days. All the vases have been packed but a glass is making a fine substitute.

Saturday we had flowers delivered from a dear cousin. Now I have a lovely arrangement for the table over the holidays. It looks so festive. She is so kind to send something we will enjoy all season. Carnations last such a long time.

Even though we had guest, I found a bit of time each morning to catch up on the mystery. Here are my 100 rail fence blocks and my 100 nine patch blocks. I just read the next clue and it will be 80 nine patch blocks. I am using the Katelyn's Garden quilt as the leader/ender quilt right now.

For my upstairs project I am making more ornaments. I have a few I promised thinking that there would be some left over from the Guild. I was wrong about that. I hope this dozen will hold for awhile. I want to move on to other things.

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  1. Yahoo! you are doing Bonnie's mysterious quilt too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me discover yours!



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