Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was such a stellar day, I can hardly believe it. I think the whole uplifting of spirit began when I got the sock yarn. I felt so much more light hearted after that and lo and behold, the giving just kept on. But, let me bring you up to date. Several weeks ago while talking to another guild member I said that while I stitched industriously each day, I would not have a quilt of "show" quality each year. It would take me longer than that to come up with a quilt that was worth hanging in public view. I will confess that most of my quilts are made for the sheer pleasure of the work itself and not of the caliber of say, Judy of Sunshine quilts or the lovely creations of Hanne or the work we see from Mae and Nadine or the accomplishments of Patti. I produce just run of the mill copies and I am delighted with what I accomplish. This 'friend' looked at me as though I was something on the bottom of her shoe and said "Oh, you're a topper.'..... Well, yes, I am. I do make tops. Lots of them. Or should I say, I begin tops and occasionally finish one when forced by circumstances. At one time I would have been hurt by such a remark but not any longer. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on things. I repeated the story to my Breakfast Club friends and we all laughed uproariously because it was such s funny story. Dear Joan found this pin and gave it to me. I will wear it with pride when I go to the Guild party on Thursday. I also plan to show it to the person that made the remark.

In the mail on Thursday I received my first installment of the BOM for Leanne's House. Oh, they are so lovely. I am going to enjoy making that quilt. After seeing Hanne's completed quilt, I thought for a long time before I ordered it. It will be the only BOM for me next year.

I almost forget the other gifts from my Breakfast Club friends.

From Joan I received a calendar for quilters. It has the most wonderful appliqué quilt pattern in there.

After work, I went to Peg's and she helped me assemble the ornaments for the Guild. She will finish putting them on the tree and she will take it to the meeting Thursday. We will have to wait for a picture till then.

She takes her fabric scraps and cuts them into blocks after she finishes a quilt. She asked if I knew anyone that would want them and of course I raised my hand. I just adore scraps. I always have.

This is what she gave me and several books also. I have two quilts selected already to use those scraps.

I am also pleased to report two finishes from November that got done just under the wire. I ran the threads for the pink socks and completed the black socks. I am so pleased to get them done so that I can begin my green ones. But first I will finish my vest.


  1. I am a topper too!!! and that is ok. I like sock yarn, but alas, can't knit...


  2. I love the pattern for the BOM that you are doing. So very pretty. I have to try knitting socks one day I think!

    Hi, I am visiting your site for the first time!

  3. So much eye-candy on your blog today! I am constantly amazed at all you do. A topper is not a bad thing. LOL


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