Thursday, December 06, 2007

Moving Right Along

The next StashBuster project is this quilt. I am using the fabric left over from the Elm Creek Quilt to make this one. Looks easy and it really is after you get your mind around all those HST's. This is another famous Red Rooster design. They have some great patterns but there instructions are terrible IMHO..... I already know that if I do this one again to cut the squares for the HST's larger so that I can trim them down to size. I might just try to remember to do that on all quilts........ They assemble so much better that way.

I will be taking my time and enjoying each step. At class last week I cut out most of the quilt. This morning I cut a little more. I have all the squares for the HST's cut and the center blocks cut. All that is left is the setting triangles and the borders.

I am slowly pressing each neutral square to a pink or green square and using the new
Mary Ellen's Best Press Spray. (I found my bottle at my local quilt shop and I could not get her website to open this morning) That adds such a lovely fragrance to the air and a little stability when I slice those blocks in half on the diagonal. I find that I take my time and enjoy touching the fabric and pinning pieces together to insure a better connection. I am focusing on this project only instead of rushing through so that I can move on to the next one.


  1. Hi there, I'm visiting for the first time. I think I have to try that spray on my triangles. I have never heard of that before but can't stand when my triangles stretch, no matter what I do, when I cut and sew them!

  2. Oh this is going to be a lovely quilt. I just love the fabric choices. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt.

  3. I have seen the spray you mentioned in quilt stores and wondered if it really worked. I like using starch, but this spray may even be easier to use. I may just have to get a bottle soon!

  4. Hi: I've been cutting my half square triangles overly large and then sizing them down for some time now - works for me and so much less frustrating too. To avoid stretching, try cutting a square of each material, marking the diagonal and them drawing the seam line in your quarter inch seam allowance each side - stitch before cutting apart and voila! no stretching!! And bonus - you now have two half square triangles!!
    Janet in cold and snowy Nova Scotia, CANADA


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