Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can Someone Help Me Remember?

As I was cruising through blogland one day, I came across a post describing a challenge the blogger had entered.

She and several of her friends started with a number of fat quarters and were required to use them up entirely. I remember that you could add a couple of other fabrics for the first challenge to make a quilt. Then I believe they made a tablerunner and so on until all that was left was a small handful of bits.....................

Can I find this blog again? NO.............

If you know the URL, please share it with me.


  1. I do remember this..
    was it the lady who has a quilt studio in her back yard and people come and take classes...
    its a seperate house...
    oh in the mid west..
    she quilts A LOT!
    hopefully some one will remember !

  2. Yes, Kathie, that is the one I am looking for..........


Thank you for your comment.......

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