Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Report

I worked on the quilt for the guild show this weekend. I got all 25 blocks completed and one row together. This quilt requires that the sashing be stitched by hand on one side. I hope to get row two done tonight and then one each night till all five are complete. Then I can put the rows together one night at a time........... Maybe........ I will see how the time goes.

Remember this from June? I need to get it finished so the stand will be free to work on the Wisteria sampler. I have quite a bit done but I still have about 12 hours left to work on it. That estimate comes from some work I did many years ago. I found that it takes me about 1 hour to stitch a 10x10 stitch grid on the graph. I have been using it as a rule of thumb since........ That does not take into consideration that I will have to graph the bride and grooms name and wedding date to place on the bottom. I vaguely remember doing that in times past. Wouldn't it be nice if I could fine it again and not have to start again.

And this horror is my wonderful knitted vest..................... The yarn is hand dyed. The card that came with it said to work from two skeins at a time to get a more pleasing stripe pattern. Of course I did NOT do that at first. I had just about this much knitted (one third of the back) and did not like the way it was turning out so I took that out and began again with two skeins and changed skeins every two rows............ The picture showes that while the pattern is not as obvious, it is still there. I will be taking that out and starting again. I am just not happy with the results at this time...............


  1. hi Susan, I'm curious to see the quilt for the guild show completly. What a bad experience with your knitting - don't give up! You'll do it - hugs from Brigitte in Poland

  2. If the yarn is a pull skein cake work from the inside of the cake on one skein and the outside of the cake on the other skein. This will help to break up the dye pattern (hopefully).


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