Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights I go to Town Ho Needlecrafts for class. Right now there are only two of us in the class, Briget and myself............ This is Barry, our fearless leader. He knows all about color and how to use it. His work is exceptional. He knows all there is to know about most needle arts. He encourages us to try new stitches and new threads....... Sometime when you ask for his opinion he says "Well, it's your piece." You can tell by the tone whether or not to move forward or to begin taking out...... I could not have had the courage to try some of the things I have done without his encouragement.

This is Brigit.......My only other class mate. We had three others at one time but I think Brigit and I ran them off...... Would you like to join us?

This is the progress I made on Wisteria............ I began cutting the next row. That is row 19 and there are 23 all together. Still in the tunnel but there is a glimmer of light at the end.


  1. So why didn't Brigit take a picture of YOU?

  2. Sometimes a small class is good. I love all the colors in the background in the photos of Briget and Barry.

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