Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sunday Surprise

On Sunday, Kathy, one of the people I met at Curves brought a sewing machine for Robert. I now have two for him to trade for Chloe, the treadle he picked up for me in Georgia. Kathy is giving the machine to me and I will layer and tie a quilt for her.

This machine is a real beauty and in impeccable condition. I think the paint on the Red Eye is so outstanding.

The cabinet is in good shape also.

It even came with a manuel and a box of attachments............


  1. That's a true beauty!

  2. Nice treadle! I have two, but neither one is nearly that nice.
    I FINALLY got my Seven Truths posted.
    Jeanne :)

  3. Wow - are you lucky BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Great treadle machine. I love the decals. I think mine might be like yours but the cabinet is different. It's been a while since I looked at it, so I guess maybe I ought to open the case and look at it again. I have yet to make the first stitch on it but I really do want to do some sewing with it one of these days.

  5. Beautiful machine! Your treadle cabinet is just like mine! I think it is one of the prettiest out there.

  6. Wow! Nice machine. I got one at an auction but it's not a red eye and the cabinet is not so nice.

  7. Great machine! A true beauty that should be displayed and used!

  8. Oh, lucky, lucky you! I have a similar machine, and the paint on the machine head is in great shape. But the cabinet is in horrible condition. Eventually I'd love to have a treadle like this in really good condition.


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