Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Springtime of Quilting

The theme of our Guild's show this year is "The Seasons of Quilting". Some of the Pickles joined together to make our own interpretation of this theme. We each selected a season and are making a small quilt representing that season. We will mount these small quilts on one large one that has been entered into the show.

Joan had the season of spring.......... That is the planning stage of a quilt.

I am in awe of her talent. The hands are hand painted. The pencil is dimensional and sewn on. She added interest by cutting out the flowers and ironing them on with cheesecloth she had dyed to soften the picture.

I keep hoping that if I am with people like Joan enough some of their brilliance will rub off onto me.


  1. WOW!! What an outstanding quilt.

    Send some of the brilliance my way after you get filled up.

  2. That's gorgeous!

    When you get the hang of handquilting let me know your secret. I want to do it so badly but cannot locate a good fitting thimble and I'm frustrated. Have fun!

  3. That is just so beautiful. Enjoy!


  4. What a clever quilt! Love it!


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