Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just a Small Change in Plans

I was all packed for class last night. In the small bits of time I had at home I worked on stitching down the sashing on the log cabin quilt. I needed to get at least two rows together so I could stitch them together this morning. I only work in the studio in the mornings. I am rested then and it is safer to cut and machine stitch when you have all your wits about you. In the evening I sit upstairs with Lem and do hand work while I listen to a book on tape or we watch a bit of television.

When I got to Barry's last night, I began to unpack my bag and discovered that I had failed to bring the thread. That is when I moved on to PLAN B................. I also had the scroll frame with "Wisteria" in the bag. I wanted to finish the wedding sampler before I took the time to change the stitchery in the stand but that was not to be. Now that I have "Wisteria" in the stand I plan to work on it this month instead of the wedding sampler.

I have a box in the studio that is marked "Need Help from Barry"...... These are projects I am not sure I can complete without some assistance from a good teacher. I thought I had plenty of time to get them finished but as the time goes by I am beginning to wonder if I will get them all done. Barry says I could get more stitching done if I put the quilting aside for a time....... I just want to do both.

This is a picture from the front of the booklet. I have 2/3rds of it completed. It is time to finish it .

I managed to add those last 6 hearts last night and complete two of sixteen "Scotch Stitch" sections right below them........ This sampler has lots of different techniques and threads.

I have added it to my October list. So to recap, I did get stitching done on my October projects even if I had to take a side road.

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  1. It is alway good to have other projects to work on when plan A does not work out.

    I am looking forward to seeing Wisteria when you finish it.

    Have fun in your class.


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