Tuesday, September 04, 2007


After reading Judy's blog on lost items I felt quite at home. Last Friday Rebekah and I found the perfect candle holders to place around the patio for ambiance at night. The price was right (3 to a package for $2.75 due to the end of season sale) so I purchased 3 packages. That night I could not find them so I just sat out the little tealights on their own, we had a nice evening and I did not think of the candle holders again until last night. Then I wanted them............. Could I find them ...NO...............

First I looked, then she looked, and then we looked together. No candle holders. We decided to stop looking and perhaps they would turn up somewhere... And they did, behind the door. We still don't know how they got there but at least I have my candle holders.


  1. Isn't that ALWAYS the way it works? It is in my house, anyway.

  2. I'm always losing stuff....I've been know to go back to the store to get another one because it's quicker.

  3. I too am always losing stuff or someone is playing with me.


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