Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Could it be that the urn is sitting crooked?

My appliqu
é instructor taught us to trace the design on lightweight interfacing and baste it to the top of our fabric.. I recently decided to eliminate that step and just use a light box for placement That worked well for small blocks but not for the larger ones. You can see the results.. It is going to take me longer to remove the urn and re-attach it that I would have spent making the tracing. I am putting this project aside for now. I just cant face it currently. Other obligations are pressing and I must get them done.


  1. I think your urn fell on the floor and now it is bent. A lession to be learned, listen to the teacher and do not take short cuts.

  2. Maybe you could trim the cloth to a smaller square so that the urn would look straight. Anything to avoid ripping out. Lol.

  3. I like the urn - I have never attempted applique. I see that you have nantucket baskets, did you make them? I have some that I have made and I love them. They are almost as much fun as quilting.

  4. I like the urn...I would move on and make the remainder of the blocks and come back to this one later. You might see it differently. I love your fabric choices.


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