Monday, August 06, 2007

Let Me Tell You Darlin……………………

Last week was fraught but I am tackling this week with the help of my Heavenly Father so I know it will be better.

Here at last are the pictures of my first flimsy from Judy’s Hour a Day project for July. The second one is still having the borders added. I am slow on adding borders, just not a lot of space to pin them on and I really like to pin them on before I sit to sew.

Upcoming events will include more pictures of my lovely stamps. I am trying to get my list organized with my plans for charm quilts.

I finished the first block for the Shade Garden but there is a big OPPS and part of it has to be redone. I am planning to put that one aside for a wee bit of time and focus on something else instead.

This weekend I began making the connecting ladders for the Guild Gifts. I have a dozen ornaments finished and now I have a dozen sets of ladders complete. I do not have enough seed beads to complete these ornaments so I put that to one side and began looking about for something mindless to work on. I found a quilt that my dear Peg gave me. She found it at an estate sale. It is a red and blue star on a white ground. Thirty blocks have to be made so I just sat and stitched for the short hour I had left. I promise more pictures later.

Break time almost over so I must get my sweet little nose back on that grindstone.


  1. Love your quilt....hoping you have a wonderful week!

  2. Your quilt for an hour quilt has turned out just wonderful!

    I hope this week is a much better week than last week :))

  3. First of all, I wish you a very better week, dear !

    Busy, busy bee ! You're doing a wonderful job, and this quilt is fantastic ! BRAVO, Suze !

    Big ((HUGS)) & smiles to you !


  4. Your HAD is looking wonderful, Suze! Love the clear colours combined with black and white :o) Way to go!

    Wish you a great week!
    Hugs from me

  5. I've missed reading your STUFF! Welcome back. Hope this week is much better for you.

  6. Great quilt. Looks so fun and lively. I bet it feels good to have it done.

  7. Your quilt top looks lovely Suze :-)
    Hope the days are brighter now.

  8. Very, very pretty quilt, Suze! Wishes for a better week!


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