Monday, July 23, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

Evidently I wasn't. At least all of them were not wrong (just more than half)......

They are all redone now........ I have the black and white one together and the chintz one ready to assemble. Naturally when I laid them on the bed to put them in order Honey had to add a few dog hairs to them.............


  1. You were probably tired - you've been a busy, busy sewer lately!

    Looking good now, though!

  2. Oh, you scared me. I was fixing to run back and look at the directions! You're surely getting a lot done!

  3. We've all gone there LOL! You have some great projects on the go at the moment. I like your BOM blocks, and the 9 patches too. It is good of you to manage to keep your Leade Ender project going - once I start one it tends to take over. I wonder if it is just another sneaky way by brain lets me start another quilt.

  4. As you said, at least only half will need to be redone. I have been gathering together Calico Garden so start working on it again.

  5. Oh no....I did the same I love your blocks.


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