Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wee Hours

Some nights sleep is elusive. Last night was one of them. I got up and finished this appliqué instead. This is one of the blocks for "A Piece of Time" BOM. There will be two each month. I have one more to do this month. I hope to get it done before the next installment arrives.


  1. Nice block....very nice fabrics. Hope you get to sleep tonite.

  2. I hate it when I can not sleep but I just toss and turn. I should get up and do something productive. I did find my beads, did you find your mini clothes pins?

  3. Sleepless nights...they seem to follow us. I am learning to make use of them by having simple projects ready to work on. A very smart Lady taught me that....I call her Mom. Luv Ya

  4. What a lovely applique block! Such a sweet accomplishment for a sleepless night. :D

  5. This is such pretty applique. I was looking at your posts through bloglines, and am amazed at how many quilts you have going on at one time. You are so very productive to have something new andquilty to show us at every post.


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