Monday, July 09, 2007

Two Quilts

I was not overjoyed with the fabric I had for my Hour a Day quilt so Saturday Lem and I headed to the big city to see what I could find. I had located the colored fabrics in my stash and I had a piece of white on white but no blacks. I managed locate two black on black fabrics. There was not enough of either one so my borders will come from one and the center of the quilt will come from the other one.

I had seen that print there before and really liked it. It seemed perfect for this quilt. I will be using the gold in place of the white.
If time goes well, I might even cut the other fabric I had selected and try for three at once. Why not?


  1. But MOM,,,,It is the Beach Quilt!!The colors are perfect! I Love It.


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