Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moving Right Along

Earlier this year, Vickie was making this quilt. Naturally I had to make one too. That means I purchase the pattern and fabric and it sits around. This was in one of the baskets on my "TO BE DONE NEXT" wall.

I am currently up to date on my obligations and was looking around for the "NEXT" thing to do. I remembered how lovely Judy's quilt from this pattern was and thought I would cut it out.

The time has come to clear out the basement. I have mentally divided it into 4 sections. One being my sewing area and the space behind it used for storage. I had a wall put in years ago to define the area better and give me a bit more wall space.

I know that I can get more done if my sewing area is clean and organized but while I am at work, things get off the shelf and sit on my cutting table thinking that I will finish them next. I had the same problem upstairs but for the past six weeks I have only allowed the current project to be in the sitting room and all the others are neatly on the bed in the guest room. Each evening I select the project I want to work on.

Now that I am clearing out that back room in the basement I plan to use it for storage of the projects that are on hold and only allow in the studio projects that are being completed now. Every morning I take something from the back room and decide its fate. Most things are being donated to a yard sale for a good cause. There will be no before pictures but I will have the after pictures by the first of September.

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