Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just A Couple of Things

This is the first applique block for month 1 of "A Piece in Time" Such an easy block to applique.

This is block 2......... I worked on this one for what seemed to be forever... At last it is done. Just as I finished the last stitch, the mailman delivered the next month. I am still working on the first month of "Shade Garden".

Here is the Chintz quilt all assembled. I really like the fabrics I chose but as usual the are a bit muddy when all put together.

Now this one has character............ I sure am smiling here............


  1. I like all the blocks and the quilts a lot! Especially the B&W one with the colors! Good job on the applique too. Some blocks go quick and some seem to take forever!

  2. They are both beautiful. I know you are pleased with the outcome.

  3. These are both beautiful. The bright and bold bright color one, and the softer more romantic and subtle colors in the other one.

  4. I like your blog and your quilts.Lovely your applique'.ciao

  5. How are you getting so much done? The blocks and the quilts are great!

  6. Your hour a day quilts are great! I haven't done one yet.

  7. WOW, Suze, you did such a GREAT job ! Wonderful "Country Cousins Baltimore blocks" - I didn't know these - and now they're already filling my mind ! LOL LOL

    Biiiig ((HUGS)) and smiles!

  8. Suze - look how much you're doing lately. You are such an inspiration to me. I want to be YOU.

    I love the appliqued blocks - need to check out that pattern. HMMM Cute, cute blocks!

    Your hour a day quilts are wonderful.

  9. I love your hour a day quilts!! The Chinz one looks very French-country-like. And the black and white one really pops. Made me smile too!


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