Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hourly Progress

I must confess that I did not get all of the black and white blocks sewn together. All of the chintz ones are done though.......... I over slept this morning which cut short my stitching time. The studio is a total disaster. I need to pause and do some clearing out but I am stitching instead. So much to do.......So little time...............


  1. Oh well sometimes we just need extra sleep. You will catchup after cleaning your studio.

  2. You will get them done....I always seem to be running a little behind. A twelve hour quilt sometimes becomes a 1200 hour quilt for me. Nice blocks by the way!

  3. I just found you and am so glad... until now I havent' had anyone to "follow" for the progress of Judy L's hour a day quilt project.

    wow! I admire you for making TWO quilts! Both appear to be very different but will look gerat when done. Can't wait to click back to your blog for more updates! :) thanks for the pictures! ~Bonnie in SE Texas


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