Monday, July 23, 2007

The First Forty

I have begun adding the alternating solid blocks. There are over 900 of them so this could take awhile. I was thinking about just moving this project along but I have now decided that it began as a Leader/Ender and I will keep it that way.

Perhaps by the time I get the alternating blocks sewn on I will have a larger design board and I can lay them out. I am skeptical of just reaching into the basket and adding whatever comes to hand. I might end up with all the blue ones on one side and the red ones on another.


  1. Oh, I love those little nine patches, Suze! I'm anxious to see what you're doing. Pull them out of a container in a shake and sew manner - talk about random and scrappy! teehee

    I'm going to start making some 3" finished 9 patches but I sure love your 'littles'.

  2. Wow.

    That's all I've got. Those blocks look tiny! 900!!



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