Tuesday, July 31, 2007


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Sorry folks. just a little glitch here. This week has not been such a stellar event for me. No need to go into details, just suffice it to say that it is improving at last. I have been hanging onto James 1:2 which is such a comfort when these times come along.
Now for an explaination on the picture above . Two years ago, when my husbands mother passed he brought home this camilia that he found in her yard. He just scooped it up with a shovel and put it on a plastic pot. This year it formed a bud and we were delighted to see the bud open. Not really much of a blossom but it does smell delightful. We are looking forward to planting it in our yard when we move.
Stay tuned. More fun things to take pictures of and share tomorrow.


  1. My favorite color of Rose.

  2. Ok it is a Gardenia but I still like it!!!

  3. Sorry to hear the week's not been so good for you. Hope it's all behind you soon.

  4. sending a special hug, seems you need one from a friend.
    German in Szczecin, Poland
    come and visit my new studio at

  5. Consider yourself ((HUGGED)), Suze!


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