Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In 2004 one of the associates at my local fabric shop was beginning a new enterprise. You could bring to her your pattern and fabric and after she took your measurements, she would cut out the garment for you. Then you could assemble with confidence that it would be a perfect fit. I purchased several length of fabric and patterns. Went all out go get some new clothes…………….. She kept them for the summer of ’04 and ’05. In the winter of ’05 she returned the three boxes to me. They have been sitting in the bedroom since.

Last week I carried them downstairs to the studio. Since I am finishing things on the MUST DO list I thought I would open the boxes to see what was there. I also opened a box of things that I had kept to cut out myself. In the box that I kept I found:

3 Dress Skirts

3 Pairs Capri’s

6 Tops

3 Pairs Full Pull On Pants

1 Pair Straight Pants

1 Tuxedo Shirt

1 Boucle Jacket

What was I thinking? Remember, this does not include what is in the other three boxes.

This week, I finished one pair of pants and one top. I need to re-work the pants a bit to get them to fit right but I will keep on fine tuning till I get it right.


  1. It appears you are going to be very busy with sewing projects!

  2. That would be a very intersting enterprise to take up, cutting out patterns for clothes. Is she still doing it?

    Have fun sewing them up!

  3. I don't mind sewing, but I never like cutting out. Once cut you can't put it back together. You are going to be busy this summer.


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