Monday, April 02, 2007

Sock Yarn

Saturday was a wonderful day. I worked the 15 minute plan till time to dress and leave for the lecture on knitting..... That is 15 minutes sewing and 15 minutes house blessing....

I even stopped long enough to fix hot dogs for us for lunch on Saturday. Complete with chili.

When I left I felt I had accomplished what was necessary and got to enjoy myself also.

Peg wanted to stop at the Yarn Basket on the way to the lecture. I should have stayed in the car. I found more sock yarn. Enough for four pairs. I just can't seem to say no to sock yarn.

Yesterday I got the last of the siggys stamped and painted. I also applied the glitter gel to more of them... The count is looking hopeful. Thursday is "sit and stitch" at our guild and we all know what I will be stitching...

Siggy Report

I have 40 cut and ready to sew.
I have 20 to embellish with gel pens.
I have 105 that need the charm sewn on.

Try as I would I still managed to get lost from time to time. I finished 1/2 of a tiny pink sock. I really should have finished the whole thing but I needed something to take with me to the lecture. I got out my workbag with the ubiquitious sock. It was at the toe finishing stage. Not appropriate for mindless knitting. That meant I HAD to finish the toe and cast on the next one to be ready to go.

This morning while downstairs stitching siggies, my eye wandered over to the Duchess sitting all alone. I had this uncontrollable urge to finish the first block of "A Road Not Taken". I suppose the word FOCUS is just in my vocabulary.


  1. We don't get to see the sock yarn? Yep, I seem to have that same addiction and that would be thanks to YOU! :)

  2. Let me help you, Suze! FOCUS! teehee! I need to follow that advice! LOL

  3. Now I know where I get it from...Sometimes I think I am a ping pong ball bouncing from one project to another. It keeps the mind fresh though.


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