Friday, April 06, 2007

Meet Bob

Several people asked about BOB.

Here is a picture of BOB. This is where I toss the extra or not quite right blocks from my projects. I also have the extra bits of binding that is cut and pressed.

This is what is on top……………..

Here is another layer.

One day I will empty BOB and attempt a sampler quilt of the blocks he contains. There might even be several of them.

Tomorrow is scheduled for FINISH SIGGIES day. I have alerted Lem and Honey to the fact that I will only be participating in that activity. I found a crock pot recipe to try and I will get that going in the morning. Then I will turn on my CD player and work till I am done. I really believe I can have them ready to mail on Monday.

I did complete all of my nine patches this morning and I should even be able to do the next two hours this weekend so that on Monday I can be up to date with this quilt. It is coming together so well. I know I will really enjoy this one. I might just give this one to Amanda. Perhaps the next one will go to Adam. Then I will have all the grandchildren covered.

I will also be setting up to do the guild gifts. I have all the materials and I have even started one of them. I will be glad to have that project finished. Then there are no more deadlines for the year. I wonder if I can maintain that status…………………


  1. Hello, Bob! What a wonderful treasury of bits and blocks you contain. I must admit mine just get tossed here and there. Maybe I need a Bob to keep them all together for me so I might actually DO something with them some day.

  2. So, "that's" BOB - thank you for the introduction. He's full of wonderful treasures to be enjoyed in the future!

  3. Hi, Suze! Thank you for introducing us to BOB! It is very nice to meet him, and to see some of what he contains :o) I'm sure the future sampler will be quite a sight, and a lot of fun to put together :o)

    Best of luck on your plans for tomorrow! And fingers crossed that the deadlines will stay away after this one is met :o)

  4. I hope tomorrow goes as you anticipate. Since Daddy is busy maybe he and Honey will leave you to your work.

    I am going to have to start a BOB soon. I am not quite there yet though.

    Looking forward to tomorrow with DD.

  5. Well - nice to meet BOB - does it stand for "box of blocks"?? It is a very good idea though. I have a ziploc bag of orphaned blocks, some dating back 15 years :))

    Happy Easter

  6. BOB is certainly more organized than my collection of zip-lock bags. They stay clean but the bags slip and slide on each other unless they are thrown into a box. Good hint, thanks. And keep counting down those days until retirement. NOTHING can beat it. It is just fabulous. I wake each morning with a huge smile thinking 'what do I want to do today?'. It's marvelous.


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