Monday, April 30, 2007

A Few More Blocks

I managed to complete the last two blocks for Row One of “A Road Less Traveled. The more I work on this quilt, the more I like it……. Now on to Row Two. There are 10 blocks in that row. This is a good quilt to use as a break from whatever else is going one. They are so much fun to assemble. I am so pleased with the fabrics I am receiving with this BOM. It is always interesting to see the fabrics they select. I also like the grab bag I get with each one.

After seeing Darlene’s Table Topper (the instructions are on March 24th) I knew one was in my future. I am delighted with how it turned out. I will be even happier to see it quilted and bound……. I will be putting it to one side for awhile instead. I have some other things to complete first. I have spring dishes and glasses to compliment this table. They are currently being packed but I will look forward using them when we get to NC. I am starting to clear out the excess and pack up things I will want there but do not need right now.

I also got two rows sashed and assembled on my Storm at Sea Jane. This quilt has 6 rows so I am one third done with the center. I need to get this one done so that I can send it to a show in Canada by the first of September. The Storm at Sea blocks are paper pieced and that seems to take more time. I also want to complete a Dear Jane Siggy quilt for that show. These will be the projects I spend my morning time with. I did not care for the yellow at first but I am beginning to see that it adds so much to the overall look. This one is going to be a treasure.


  1. Look at how busy you've been! The blocks are wonderful. A tabletopper!?!?!?!? Yahoo! And, look at your Storm at Sea blocks - WOWZER!!!!!

  2. WOW, Suze ! You're on a roll ! I love your bue & white DJ, your table topper is so sweet & sute, and.... finally : "the road less travelled" blocks ! Each time I see them on your blog, I'm in awe, they're soooo beautiful ! If I could, I would make a whole quilt with that block !

    THANKS for showing !
    Hugs & smiles !

  3. The Road less travelled blocks are lovely. They do send you nice fabric. I still hope to one day do one of those quilts. It is hard to "do it all".

    I love the beautiful crocheted bed covering on your bed!! So lovely. Did you make that?? My grandmother made me a lovely crocheted table cloth, which I never use.

  4. You have been busy! I do love the Road Less Traveled blocks. You are really going to enjoy that when it is finished. Of course Storm at Sea is impressive too.

  5. You have really been busy Suze :-)
    Your work is lovely, as always!

  6. Your Road Less Travelled blocks look really complex. That is going to be one gorgeous quilt when it is done. Are you using Reproduction fabrics? Great colors.

  7. The colors in those first two blocks are just gorgeous!

  8. I love the RLT blocks - the fabrics afe beautiful.

  9. I'm with you - the more you work on that RLT quilt the more I fall in love with it. I just might have to get that pattern for myself!


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