Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bag Lady?

Nine.........Count them, NINE....................Nine bags of stuff. Receipts to file. Mail to read. Cards to mail. Patterns to organize. Anything without a deadline and sometime something with a deadline goes in a tote or bag. I carry it around with me until it is full. Then I grab another one and start over. These were on the floor of my closet or stacked in one corner of the bedroom. This weekend I will begin to empty them. The plan is to start Saturday and work 15 minutes each day. Not to sort and organize into piles of things to postpone any longer but to actually copy, sort, toss or file. I have little stacks of Post-It notes with phone numbers and books to read and quilts to look up and addresses and other important information. Would I ever find it if I needed it..........NO........... I sincerely hope this is the last time I paint myself into this corner but I seriously doubt it....


  1. LOL I also have a backlog of papers to file since end of January. Taxes are due end of April and I need to check a couple numbers before sending it in. 15 minutes is a good plan! I have a couple of other things that need a daily 15 minutes too.

  2. At least you are organized. I hadn't thought of totes. Good plan to only look through things for short periods of time. You'll get there!


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