Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Done 159 To Go

Since I couldn't make up my mind which picture to post, I decided to post both of them. The colors have changed a wee bit.......... And the glitter doesn't bling as much as it does in real life.

Tonight will find me finishing up the green portion and then I can start putting them together.


  1. I just love it!! They are a perfect of Cape Cod in the summer.

  2. Hihi! Those are great, Suze! Makes me regret I decided against signing up for the swap :o)

  3. i love the stamp you're using for the centre of the blocks. You sure will be busy making all those blocks.

  4. Those are great blocks! How are you stamping them? What kind of ink and what are you using to color them in? I do blocks with elementary kids and trace animal shapes with a pigma pen and they color them in using crayons. These are sewn into baby quilts and donated to needy babies. I am very interested in your process as I enjoy coloring in muslin squares and making unique charity quilts.

  5. Oh WOW! These are the most AWESOME siggy blocks I have ever seen!!!! I was in a snowball siggy swap last year and now have a collection of about 25-30. Not enough for a lap quilt yet.

    The people in your swap are gonna love your blocks!!! Has everyone in the past been so creative??? ~Bonnie in SE Texas


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