Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh So Sweet

Here is my block for the guild meeting tonight. Not that I will win the lot but I do continue to try. Those interested bring a block made from the directions given at the last meeting. For each block you bring you can put your name in for the drawing. The lucky winner gets them all.

Such a simple little block. I just was not able to get it right. I had to take out almost as much as I put in............ Can't imagine why. After I finished my eye went to a nice blue fabric that would have much better. I am not making another one for tonight. There just won't be time.


  1. I like the colors..the blue does pop out.

  2. I think that blue looks fine in that block. Very soft colours. I don't think anyone will complain about having that block in their winnings. Maybe you will win!

    Love the new quilted pullover.

  3. Very, very sweet! Did ya win?????

  4. And' so beautiful your block, with slim colors. I hope that she has had fortune :)))


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