Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Flimsy Pieced

It was a busy weekend. I did get my table made and all set up ready to go. Lem even came downstairs to assist. After I moved everything from one wall and we got the table set up, I decided I wanted it on the other wall. I cleared everything from that area and asked him to help me move the table. As he is standing on one end and I am on the other, he looks up and says "are you sure this time? We aren't going to have to move this again are we?". My reply was "Well, we might if I don't like it there. All he could say was "oh, I see"..........

He really is good about my attempts to re-arrange furniture. My mother is famous for it. Papa always said he made sure where the bed was before he laid down as once he walked into a dark bedroom and discovered himself on the floor because she had moved the bed somewhere else in the room............... I usually get it the way I want it and leave it there for years.... Once I was in 're-arrange mode' and he asked exactly why we were moving the furniture. "It is either this or I go shopping" was my reply.

Anyway, I did get my Hour A Day top pieced and I am pleased with the results. The next thing to do is the siggies for the Dear Jane swap........ I can start painting them this weekend if all goes well. That is an upstairs project. The downstairs project is the Ocean Waves Jane. I got two of six rows assembled. I had printed the incorrect setting block for the sashing row but I have that corrected now and I hope to get one of those rows done. That block will have the yellow in it and should add excitement to the quilt. As soon as I get a row done you will have a snapshot.


  1. Your HAD quilt is wonderful, Suze! It has a sort of "old time, country feel" to it, which I just love! Makes me once again think: I really need to do that pattern some day :o) An rearanging furniture, and rotating pictures and wall hangings is a great way of learning to apprciate what you have, because things look different in different places - move it to another room, and it feels like a new thing :o) Congratulations on finishing piecing your HAD!

  2. Love your HAD, the colors are terrific!

  3. I love your HAD quilt. The colors are great. Now I know where my furniture moves come from. Honey has commented before on the fact that I can't leave furniture in one place. Oh Well....

  4. Love it, love it, Suze. Very nice!

    If I want to watch my hubby's eyes glaze over I just tell him that I want to rearrange some furniture. LOL


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