Monday, February 19, 2007

Saturday Morning

I finally removed all the Valentines Day decorations from the family room and cleared the way to sit and work on my Baltimore Album....... Since the room that was originally the dining room is now my husband's office, our table is in the family room. I sit there when I am doing cross stitch because I have a table stand. The room is too cool to sit in right now even with the gas logs lit so I have been sitting at the table with a small ceremic heater to keep my toes thawed out.
I am also trying to learn to hand quilt. I am not very good but I am still going to keep trying. This is set up and ready to go so that I can get at least one thread in each day. I like to do more but that is not always possible. Always leave your needle threaded and ready for use so that you are ready to go the next morning.
I even organized my little stack of "stuff" to work on. The basket is the Baltimore album and the stack on the right is the fabrics for my Faye Anderson blocks. Lately I have been knitting more because I can stay warm in bed and watch TV while I knit.
Someone showed their Jan Patek 2006 Mystery Quilt and I knew that one was in my future. I joined the 2007 BOM. I hope to get it started soon.


  1. Your work station in the family room looks great. Must be nice to have all the tings you need handy. And it looks so neat! By the way you are starting a new Mystery Quilt? It's not even a month ago since you stated the New Years Day mystery quilt probably would be your last mystery for awhile... Best of luck on your hand quilting!!!

  2. Your Baltimore Album quilt is going to be GORGEOUS !....
    I've been handquilting for 12 years now. Actually, we have very few machine quilting services, here in Belgium, and they are SOOOOO expensive, that very few of us can hardly afford it... Handquilting is now part of my life, and I can't imagine doing it elseway (I can't machine quilt, either), it's sooo relaxing, and I consider it as a love part of the process. I use a simple big hoop on my lap...Now I would DREAM having a standing hoop like yours ! I saw one in a local quilt shop, some time ago but it was quite expensive (about 850$). So, enjoy yours, and practice, you'll soon get the rythm and your quilts will be such heirlooms !

    Hugs & smiles !
    NADINE in Belgium.

  3. Yes, just keep at the hand quilting... before you know it it will come quite naturally. It's not that important to get tiny stitches, but even is good; smaller stitches will come, if that's what you desire. Your B.O.M. fabrics are gorgeous.

  4. dear Susan,
    thanks for showing your sewing area! Great job and lovely baskets :-) hope to have my DJ row by row soon to remind me of my American quilting friends
    Brigitte Baierl, Germany


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