Thursday, February 01, 2007

Resistance Is Not Futile

Yesterday I needed to stop at my LQS for buttons and interfacing. I went in, made my purchase and left. I DID NOT make a fabric purchase. I DID keep a scarf wrapped around my head to block my vision.

While I am working on filing and other mundane task here at the office, I am mentally reviewing what I have on the agenda for February. As soon as Blogger allows, I can post my February goals.


  1. I will have to start wearing a scarf when I go to the fabric store. It will most likely make it easier not to purchase more fabric.

  2. Good job . . a trip to the LQS with no fabric purchases!!

  3. It's easy once you get used to it!

  4. Not futile, but not fun. =) Good for you for standing strong.


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