Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rat Race or Ferris Wheel?

This year I promised myself that I would enjoy everything I do, even things that were considered chores in the past. I have been holding up until recently when the temperatures dipped into the unmentionable part of the thermometer. This weather is just too much for a Southern Girl like me. I do understand that many of you live in colder climates and like it. I was born and raised in the southeastern part of the United States and I consider 40 degrees a low, not a high.

Yesterday while running errands after work the old mental attitude set in and I felt that I was a rat on a wheel, trying to get things ACCOMPLISHED………… While at the grocery store I noticed someone that had stopped at the Dunkin Donuts counter, purchased a cup of coffee and was leisurely doing her shopping while enjoying her drink.

Today I will do the same. Instead of feeling as though I am a mouse on a wheel. I will be riding a ferris wheel with stops now and then. Moving a bit slower instead of allowing the RUSHED feeling to take hold. I need to stop at the library, two banks, LQS, Curves, butcher shop, thrift shop and grocery store. Dinner will be something I can fix quickly from the frozen food section. Then I will go to bed and snuggle under two quilts while I appliqué until time to turn out the lights.

I am behind already on my Hour a Day quilt. Not concerned at all. I know I will catch up. I will also be rearranging my list of things to do in February to accommodate the Hour a Day quilt. Judy is so good to design these quilts for our enjoyment and her designs are always a pleasure to assemble.

About the quilt from yesterday -- I suppose it just did not look the way I had envisioned it would look. Perhaps when it is quilted it will be more appealing. I am going to attempt to machine quilt this one myself on my Janome. I began the year with the idea of either finishing one quilt or two quilt tops each month. I did finish one quilt this year (picture later) and I have pieced two quilt tops. I have also enjoyed every stitch taken.


  1. Sometimes I truly miss cold, cold weather but then I read about the deep snow and bitter temps LOL

    Like you I'm trying to enjoy life more this year. It's truly too short and we need to just live one day at a time! You're in my thoughts.

  2. Here it's -5 centigrade, wind and we had about 2.5" of snow last nigth. Im not all fond of the winter, but my comfort is the beauty of the changing of the seasons. Pluss: earlier today I made a promise to a couple of ladies in the colder part of the US that I would not complain.
    Love your attitude to life! I think we all could do well with winding down a bit:-) And it looks like a lot of people got in line for the quilt yesterday...

  3. It is both a rat race and ferris wheel. I try to enjoy life no matter how good or bad it is that day.

  4. Thank you for the nice welcome. We have been in negatives here as far as
    temperatures go, so 40 sounds pretty warm to me. :-)

  5. It is cold in GA too. I am really looking forward to warmer weather.


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