Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

On my break this morning, I was looking for a picture to post. This little gem crossed my path and it even has some instructions to go with it. It is from Domiknitrix and she has a tutorial on the increases used to make this little heart.

Last week I began spending one hour each morning doing some organization downstairs. I still have many hours to go........ After the first hour, I then begin working on the project at hand. This month it was my Blogging Siggies, the Confetti Top, my Hour A Day quilt and my Heartstrings blocks. The siggies are almost complete. I need to sign the last half of them, trim them and make them charming..... Then they can be mailed off by Friday I hope.

This morning I opened the box containing the Confetti Top. Why did I put that aside. It is so near being completed............... I had planned to begin the Hour A Day quilt but I had left the instructions upstairs and I just did not want to make the trek up again. I have completed 6 Heartstrings blocks from my basket of scraps. I used all the muslin I had on hand. Monday I purchased a couple more yards and if all goes well I can wash it this afternoon. I also need to wash the backing fabric for the quilt Peg and I are going to pin on Friday. I am trying to work up my courage to machine quilt. I have two already pinned to be quilted but I really want to practice on this one first. Progress is being made even if it is slow going.

When I posted the picture of the 18 quilts in plastic totes at the foot of the stairs, little did I know that I would find 18 more in baskets to go on the shelves in the studio. I have uncovered many more still are not listed..... I am going to be busy for quite some time.


  1. Darling heart! Don't fret about those UFO's just do what you feel like doing. You'll be inspired to work on those soon!

  2. You know how to eat an elephant Suze ?
    One serving at a time ;-)
    Don't get stressed about the Ufos. One thread at a time will get them done and if it takes a long time, it does not matter - right ?
    Pick only a few, work on them, forget the rest, enjoy a mix of old and new projects.
    We are in this for the fun, remember :-)

  3. Hi, I'm new to Q4P, and making the rounds. I like the title The Thread and I. Very clever. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day.


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