Thursday, February 08, 2007

Faye Anderson Block Four

Poor thing...... She has issues......... I am repeating my mantra "finished is better than perfect", "finished is better than perfect".

It was mentioned at the last guild meeting that quilting is a process and some of us are farther along the path than others. Keeping this in mind, I will put this block in my finished quilt......... After all, I did learn while making the block.
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  1. What a's the same block I finished this evening too. I am getting a cold now and will perhaps stay home from work tomorrow .....and sew some more.

  2. You're doing it! I can't even applique. And, I'd be real happy with that block . . looks great to me.

  3. And just what do you think is wrong with it? The little circle centers are not exactly aligned uniformly like little machine made replicas???
    This is a human, hand made art piece, and its wonderful!

  4. Hey, hey, my friend, you're catching up, and catching up ! Your block is simply beautiful !
    Besides, this challenge is no race at all, only stimulation ! LOL

    Have fun and keep doing them !

    Hugs & smiles,

  5. Beautiful, very beautiful! I like this appliquè:)))))

  6. If you aren't happy with the block I'll take it!! LOL Like Judy, I can't do the "A" word. I am very impressed with your blocks.

  7. I think this block looks wonderful. I has the character we all need to remember.

  8. Very nice work. Keep going!


  9. I think that block is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Looks to me like you've been appliquing a lo-o-ong time! Great job.


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