Monday, February 19, 2007

Carnival Top

That sure is bright and cheerful................ I hope it will become a quilted top by the first of March. I want to wear it to the guild meeting. The pattern is from Back Porch Press
This will be the fourth one I have made. I am wearing the first one, done in purples. It was my first quilt. Now it is starting to wear and I am having to decide if I will patch it or not. What you see is really two pieces. I will layer them tonight and start machine quilting. The pattern calls for flannel to be used as batting. I found such a great fabric for the lining that I am going to try to make this reversible. I even have socks knitted and earrings beaded to go with this top. Two years ago I anticipated finishing this project and purchased some purple velvet to make slacks. Naturally I cannot find that material. It is on the other side of the basement that has not been organized yet. I did find a piece of purple small wale corduroy so I will use it. I know the slacks will not be make by the guild meeting but I do hope the top is.

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  1. My ! This is beautiful, Suze ! What a bright, nice, cheerful quilt !
    And also, I'm in awe seeing your quilt studio ! It's definitely THE place to be quilting, lucky girl !

    Hugs & smiles,


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