Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jane Goes to Ohio

Well, here she is.......... At long last............
The Dear Jane Blocks are from a swap I did last year. There were six people involved and we did 6 blocks a month and then passed it on to the next person. I used Mary Hickory's information from the Dear Jane site to set the blocks in the middle of the Ohio Star block. I had already begun the quilt and cut all the fabric before I learned to make "no-waste" flying geese. I sure will know better next time.......... With all those little HST's left over it was easy to make the sawtooth border. The quilt is packed up and ready to send UPS to be quilted by Judy at Sunshine Quilts.

How glorious it is to have one so close to being complete.

That is one quilt top pieced in January. Now one more to do in order to reach my goal.


  1. I love the way you set your blocks. And I'm a HUGE fan of the no-waste flying geese. I use that method all the time.

  2. Great quilt!! Love the colors and design...

  3. Oooooo - that's so pretty!!!!

  4. That sure is a nice quilt...I like the way you set it.

  5. It looks wonderful. What a great setting for the DJ blocks.

    I used that method to make flying geese when I did my M'Liss Rae Hawley Mariner's compass quilt. Quite a good method alright.


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