Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Better pictures

I had a difficult time getting the pictures the right size. Perhaps this is better.
The table was set for a wonderful holiday feast. I can tell that I need more practise in getting a meal ready........ At one time I was competant but not any more. We were going to have Stawberry Salad but I bought the wrong size box of Jello. I fixed it as the recipe directed and placed it in the refrigerator to begin to gel. Then I prepared the crust and while it cooled I made the cream cheese and whip cream layer. When the timer went off for the Strawberry Gelatin I opened the refrigerator to find that it was still liquid. That is when I looked carefully at the recipe and discovered my error. Oh well, we will have that tonight with our Wild Rice Soup and hot rolls................. Our neighbor brought the Poinsetta. Isn't it lovely? I had not bought one this year and it was just the perfect touch for the table with the Pomadors all around it. I can use those Pomadors for centerpiece on Valentines day. Then I can start placing around in places that need to be refreshed.


  1. Ah - much better pictures! Now we can see how very pretty your table looks. I'm sure it was a joy to eat with such a nice setting. I just love your red dishes! So Christmasy!

  2. What a lovely table! I love a beautifully set table...just looks so inviting.

  3. Your table was lovely. I think I am going to start setting a table more often. I have gotten out of practice (I had to think about where the glass went). Honey and I deserve to have a nice table setting.


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