Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Basket Full of Happiness

I really enjoy Mystery Quilts. I do have one made that turned out to be a real dud but I plan to make it over again in better fabric. These are usually quilts that you can get instant results from. BUT.......... The designers are upping the ante and it is taking longer for the preparation. That is just fine because you get a better product.

My dear friend Peg sends me information on these mystery quilt groups and this is one she sent. It is a Yahoo Group under the name "QTMysteryQuilts". Ann Winans is the owner of the group and her e-mail address is "". This is going to be sewn on New Years Eve. It is all cut out and ready to sew. Yes, that is 200 gorgeous 2 1/2 inch HST you see there on top. The fabrics came from Thousands of Bolts, a truely wonderful place to shop.

Knowing that I want to complete two quilt tops in the month of January, this project will be a real boost.


  1. that certainly is a lot of HST. Enjoy making your mystery quilt. Please post a photo when you have made the top.

  2. Definitely a basket full of happiness. Enjoy the mystery quilt!


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