Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Three Sets Done

Here they are... Three of the four sets I need for the swap. How good to have them done. The other set is paper pieced and I need to pick up some paper for them. It will be so easy to get them done this weekend and mailed on Monday.

I still have 10 tassels to knit and that project will be drawing to a close.

This morning I found some time to work on my Gratitude quilt. I am still in hour five but when that part is done it should move a bit faster.

Off to the library to see if there are any talking books. The last ones I checked out were mostly duds........... I also need to stop at the knit shop near the library for some needles. I know I have them but they are among the missing right now.

I see that if I apply myself, I could actually finish my goals for November.........


Anonymous said...

Lovely DJ blocks Suze. I can need to do 4 sets of 2 DJ blocks over the weekend. Maybe I should make that a goal. It would be easier knowing you were working on DJ blocks too :-)

Rebekah Smith said...

What a busy day. I love the blocks.

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Your blocks are very, very nice.

Nadine said...

Look at these cute tiny blocks ! Aren't they just beautiful ? I like the way you set them for the photo , you're an artist !


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - and they look great. Now if I could only do that many blocks for myself in a week!

Nina In Norway said...

You are great. Your blocks are beautiful. Keep up the good work and you will soon be on top of all your projects.

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