Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Spot of Local Color

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Here is Vickie Wilder, the manager of my Local Quilt Shop. On the occasional Friday morning, we meet for breakfast before work and the Homeport Restaurant.

They have grits on Friday and being from the south I am partial to them.

I am pleased to report that my attendance report is finished for the month and filed. I got little else accomplished this morning. The cold that began Sunday is working its way into a real inconvenience.

No sewing done this morning, perhaps I can find an hour when I get home.

Last night I got 20 of the tassels completed. I am looking forward to putting that project to rest...........


  1. What a pleasure it is to see Miss Vickie again. I can't wait to visit and have breakfast with both of you. Summer will be here soon again. Get rest and plenty of fluids for your cold!

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    My Little Boy likes the Homeport, Land Ho! and Hearth & Kettle. All have good, simple food and are nice to little kids!




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