Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Morning All

My friend Lu stopped by on Saturday with chicken soup and fabric. What a treat........ Great soup and great finds and the local church sale. All the fabric was $3.00...... I will get it washed and into my scrappy stash. I have it set up the way Bonnie Hunter recommends. It works great for me that way. I know exactly where to put each piece. Anything that is trimmed and too small to use I toss in a basket. That goes to make doggie pads for the animal shelter........... Nothing wasted.

I am feeling much better today. Staying in all weekend was the right thing to do. I even got most of the blocks made for the swap. I will be wrapping that project up this week and the tassel project will be completed next week. I anticipate starting the New Year with no deadlines looming. I can start on the Pink Heart quilt and enjoy working on it.


  1. Oh! You are a lucky girl! And a nice girl. I kow you have to give to get. Enjoy, soup, company and fabric.

  2. Good to see you up and about again :-)
    Lovely fabrics !

  3. What a great friend who brings you fabric when you are sick!


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