Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beginner Sock

Beginner Sock

There has been some discussion recently about knitting your own socks. I find it a wonderful way to sit and relax in the evenings. The new yarns available now are computer dyed and yield wonderful patterns. The link above will provide a mini-sock to knit. It is a great instructional sock and many thanks go to Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer for providing this pattern.

If you would like something with a little more challenge try some of Jackie's lace sock patterns or beaded socks. Her instructions are concise and easy to follow. She no longer sells retail but she has a store locator on her site that will provide information needed to purchase her designs. I have to order them from a shop off Cape.

I can also recommend Earthfaire. She carries some of Jackie's sock patterns as kits so that the beads are included.

Enough said about socks. I am going to stitch a few quilt blocks while I am still on bedrest.

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  1. I'm glad you are enjoying sock knitting. =)

    I copied your photo from yesterday and tried to do a little color correction. I could get it to be lighter yellow, but couldn't correct it enough to make it really better. Sorry!


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