Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baking a Turkey

Only Norman Rockwell could paint a turkey like that one. I never could get mine that perfect.

I well remember the first one I baked. My parents and my in-laws were eating Thanksgiving at our house. I was baking the turkey. I was not to pleased because I did not recieve the giblets and was really feeling slighted with only the neck of the turkey wrapped and placed inside the bird. I washed it well, covered it with butter and wiped the inside with salt as my mother had instructed.

I brought it out on a platter and my husband began to carve. It does seem as though someone could have told me that the giblets would be wrapped in paper and placed in the neck part of the bird and not inside. There the were, still wrapped and completely baked......... Oh the humiliation of the moment.......... I can laugh now but not then.............

There are so many traditions associated with holidays and each family makes their own traditions.............. One of my favorite stories is about a Christmas Ham.

The mother is preparing the Christmas ham to bake and her small daughter asked her why she cuts the end off before she bakes it........... "Because my mother always did" was the reply.

That afternoon when the grandmother arrives the small girl asked again why you should cut off the end of the ham before you bake it........ as before "Because my mother always did" was the reply.

When the great grandmother arrives the girl again inquires " Why do you cut the end off the ham before you bake it?" "Well" her great grandmother replied, "because my pan was not big enough."

Rebekah called last night for the recipe for dressing balls. "I don't have it" I tell her, "You are supposed to have it."

"I cannot find my copy now and I need it, it isn't Thanksgiving without dressing balls"

I suggest she try Google and there it is, the recipe she needs.......... Think I will fix dressing balls myself tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


  1. Well "Lil' T" is in the oven. The dressing balls are next. We will be on the road tomorrow. Tiff is looking after Winnie.

  2. Thanks for sharing your holiday memories!

  3. That's too funny because tonight I was talking to my best friend in Louisiana and she asked me why I always let my cornbread dry out for a day or two before making the dressing. I thought for a minute and said . . because that's the way my grandma always did it!

    Judy L.

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