Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Round Robin Quilt

In April of 2005 at the Dear Jane Retreat in Shipshewanna, Caroline vanMaele saw some Round Robin quits done by a group of friends. She liked them so much that she formed a Round Robin group online to do the same. I was a participate in two of them. I have gotten one of the quilts back, the other one is still with the last person and I hope to see it soon.

The top has been around for several months and I needed to have a finish so I sent it off of to Judy for quilting. Such a wonderful job she did. I was simply deeeelighted when it came back to me on Thursday. I have the binding sewn on and as soon as it is stitche down and the label added I will have another finish...

I really enjoyed the Round Robin. There were 6 people in a group. Each group had a theme. This quilt is from the Scrappy Group. We each made a center square and sent it along to the next person. They added a border and mailed it on..... You had 2 months to add the border and mail. I learned a lot with this project. It required giving each quilt thought as to what would look best. Sometimes it was applique and sometimes it was pieced. It was somewhat costly because I always had to buy fabrics to add to what was sent along. I hope the others in the group enjoy their quilts as much as I will enjoy this one. Posted by Picasa


  1. It is a very pretty quilt. Round Robins are neat quilts to have - after your friends worked on them.

    Thanks for letting me quilt it.

    Judy L.

  2. Really neat quilt, and full of great friendships.

  3. The quilt looks great. I am always reading about the Shipshewanna retreat on the Dear Jane Digest. It sounds like it would be a great time.

  4. This is one of the nicest round robins I've seen. What a wonderful rememberance treasure!

  5. So aweswome! Great job!

  6. It has been to Europe and back - pretty cool!

  7. Your RR is very beautiful. I have participated in a RR too and got mine back in june. I am so pleased with it, but I have not started quilting on it yet. It is quite big and I do not know how to quilt it yet.

  8. It is a Treasure to keep! I love it. I have just entered another RR, and I hope it will become a big quilt, just like yours. Lucky you!


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