Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Favorite Spot

Having seen recently the favorite spot of some of my friends, I thought I would share my favorite spot. Especially since I got it cleared out this past weekend. The needlepoint bag in the chair was made from a piece of needlepoint my mother worked..... I had it made into a bag but do not want to get the bag dirty so I keep my sock stuff in there to work on while I watch television.

This has a view om my tray with my necessities of the trade. I find vases to be great for holding scissors, pens, knitting needles and the like. There is also the Baleek dish my friend Lu brought back from Ireland for me. That if for orts.... A member of my needlepoint class takes the contents of her container and puts them in a clear plastic Christmas Ornament, marks the year on them and hangs them from the tree. I think that sounds like a good idea and will be trying it this year................
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  1. Your tray is beautiful - never thought to use vases for some of my doo-dahs. I have some cute planter pots that I use for scissors and pens - vases are a good idea, too.


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