Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Looked for fabric for this month’s swap. Wouldn’t you know I was a few inches short…. Then it came to me about 3:00 AM………….Use another pink fabric for the outer border. DUH……….. How slow can some people be? Now my fabric is all selected and ready to cut out. I will be a week behind everyone else but I am still going to join the fun. Totally destroyed the studio looking for fabrics for this quilt but discovered some hidden treasures………..

I met dear Peg after work for coffee and she passed on a few quilting magazines. They have wonderful patterns in them to use some of the fabric I have. The quilt pictured is one Peg made for her granddaughter. The horse blocks have over 100 pieces in each block.

I am going to visit my dear mother. I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years. I will be able to see my children and grandchildren also. We will be gone for 8 days.

I will miss everyone and will check in if I can.

Please don’t forget me while I am gone…………….


  1. That is a really cute quilt. Have a nice visit with everyone. We won't forget you!!

  2. Have a nice trip ! Cute horse quilt.

  3. Forget you? Are you kidding? I think about you every time I look at sock yarn! :) Soon, I'll be cursing you when my credit card bill arrives! :(

    Have a wonderful trip!

    Judy L.

  4. Have a wonderful visit!

  5. Suze, have fun! We'll be here waiting for you as friends should be!

  6. have fun on your trip - that is a very cute quilt


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