Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Horns of a Dilema

My dear friend Peg passes along her quilting magazines when she has finished with them. She handed a couple to me on Thursday at the Guild meeting. I indulged in a little peek before going to bed on Thursday night and there it was……..My Christmas Quilt.

I have always wanted to decorate my whole house - all over - inside and out for the Holiday Season. And there it was, the quilt for my bed at Christmas. Needless to say I did not sleep well trying to figure out how to rush to the LQS the next day for the fabric when I had promised not to buy fabric this month.

Argued with myself all day Friday. Went to the LQS Saturday. I did not buy. Decided to wait a bit.


  1. What a lovely pattern Suze - and what a backbone you have !
    I think you can do the fabric diet. Treat yourself next month and you will enjoy it double :-)

  2. OOHH How I dislike these dilemas! They can so become such a problem. But when you visit I may have some fabric to get you started. Not enough to finish, but a start at least. It may help with hanne's suggestion to treat yourself next month.

  3. I am on a fabric diet as well tee hee.... so far I am doing good..I say try hard to use your stash if you can at all! OR just use as much stash as you possibly can.. that is what I am doing.. When I make a top I pick as much fabric as possible trying very hard to use all from my stash.. IF I am missing just one more coordinating piece of a color.. I allow myself to buy just exactly how much I need and no more... and only if I reallllly need it...so far so good! OH and I have to be actively working on that project to go buy :O)..

  4. It's a beautiful pattern, I can imagine how much you want to make it!

  5. Oh, that's a beautiful quilt. Since I don't do applique . . it looks really hard!

    Judy L.


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