Monday, August 21, 2006

One Hour a Day Challenge Quilt

This picture is not the greatest but it is the one I have. Yes, there is a block missing. One had an oops.... and needs repair. This project is really moving along.

Not much sleep last night. Awake at 2:30 AM. Decided at 3:30 to give up chasing Morpheus and got up to stitch for awhile. Slept again for a couple more hours after 5:00AM and then got up for the day.

I have my morning routine complete, and even an item or two on the evening routine. The laundry is done for the day and lunch is fixed for DH for today and tomorrow. He will leave on Wednesday morning for a week and I will not have that task to do again till next week…………

I have the sashing and cornerstones cut for my Judy Challenge quilt and I can stitch on it this afternoon.


  1. Your quilt blocks are looking sooo good. You are going like the wind :-)

  2. Wow, It sounds like you got so much accomplished even without much sleep. I hope sleep is with you tonight. The quilt looks really great.

  3. Your blocks look great! Love your fabric choices, how the red border picks up a detail in the block print. Very elegant.


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