Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Honey and His Honey

I have been attempting all day to accomplish one goal. To put the next border on 20 blocks. To no avail........

I did get to work in the studio this morning for about 3 hours. That time was spent making one PP block and prepping one other block for a Row Jane. If I get that prepped block sewn tonight, I will have one more set ready to mail.........Oh happy day...............

Then I began the house blessing. Well, two rooms were blessed. I had promised DH that I would help him with some data entry and we got it all done.

7:00 PM and I can officially stop all the duties I had assigned to today and stitch. After I hem a pair of pants for DH that is.

Since I did not get my blocks finished and could not get a picture of them, I went through my files and found one of DH and our Jack Russell, Honey taken Christmas 2005

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