Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Holiday Weekend

I had great plans for the Holiday Weekend. Well, that did not happen..... Things usually do not go as planned.

On the plus side, we did get some items removed from the garage. That is a project that will be going on for quite some time.

I also got DH's closet cleaned out. He was actually willing to part with some things. It looks so much better now......

Laundry was done - Hurray- There is something good about clean clothes............

I got some nine patch nut blocks done. I have been thinking about a name for that quilt. "Shipshewanna Bound" is what I have settled on so far. I completed and packaged for mail and today mailed, a Row Jane set and my last Round Robin border for Group 7. Group 2 border is waiting but I have a few weeks before I need to start on it. I also did 3 blocks on my Dutch Treat. I even got a kit all ready with the necessities for that packed up as a "take with you" project. I finished the last stitches on another wedding sampler. Only one left to do at this time. It will have to wait for a bit because Bridget and I are supposed to begin "The Rose" next week and I will need that frame to work it on.

DH and managed a few long walks together and a wee bit of yard work. I might even get some pictures posted soon.

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